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Chinese Community Center of Capital District of New York


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  • 04 Feb 2024 9:57 PM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)


    CCC Yang Liu Qing Lunar New Year Art Exhibition & Opening ceremony

    New Year's painting (Chinese:年画) emerged in Song Dynasty (960-1279) and took shaped and prevailed in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is a delighted art form among Chinese people especially in countryside in the history and usually are pasted on doors, windows and walls as decorations during the Spring Festival to wish a propitious year. https://youtu.be/HcE5nF02TgY?si=3mgHmtj7nG2oYk0k

    Art work from a millennium ancient town in Tianjin Yangliuqing Town (Chinese:杨柳青镇) , an old timer in making of New Year Paintings with a long history. Even today, there are about two fifths of the residents in the town still operate this painting business. Hailed as a treasure of traditional Chinese folk art as well as the first of the Four Chinese Wood Engraving New Year's Paintings, Yangliuqing New Year's Painting boasts for its distinctive art features, wide range of subjects, rich and complicated content and auspicious implied meaning.

    Art Exhibition hours:

    Saturday Feb. 3rd—Friday Feb. 9th

    Please contact for opening hours, school and senior center group visits are welcome: aliceshow0909@gmail.com

    Location: Chinese Community Center (11 Avis Dr, Latham,12110)






    在过程中,华社更是精心准备了“寻龙祈福”“填色作画〞等欢乐喜庆的现场活动,欢迎父母们带孩子参加。 届时将有天津文化商会提供的书画家亲笔手书的<福><龙>作品,做为活动的奖品礼品,为大家助兴。画展开幕式时间: 2月2号星期五晚上5:30-7:30点.


    2月3号 -2月9号,需要提前预约。


    地点:华社 (11 Avis Dr, Latham,12110)

  • 17 Jan 2024 8:02 PM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)


    For Year of the Dragon, CCC partner with libraries and schools, prepared multiple hands on activities, waiting for you to join us!

    1/13 Saturday Colonie library 10:30am-12:30pm

    1/23 Tuesday Woodland hill Montessori elementary school 1:30-2pm

    1/26 Friday Guilderland Library 5:30-7:30pm (performance, craft and food)

    1/30 Tuesday Boght Hills Elementary School 9:30-11:30am (performance and craft)

    2/2-2/4 华社杨柳青画展 CCC Yang Liu Qing Art Exhibition

    2/2 5:30-8:30pm 杨柳青画展华社开幕式 Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony in CCC

    2/3 Saturday Albany High School 11-4pm: 11-12点 performance,dumpling lunch,2-3pm tea ceremony

    2/11 华社龙年春晚 CCC Lunar New Year Gala Show 2:30-5pm

    2/17 Saturday Clifton Park Halfmoon library & YMCA 1-3pm (performance and craft)

    2/21 Wednesday Empire State plaza 10-2pm (performance and craft)

  • 12 Jan 2024 8:29 PM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)



    春晚表演:2024211(The Egg)




  • 18 Sep 2023 10:03 PM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)

    Chinese Community Center Peking Academy student registration openSponsored by The Art Center of the Capital Region ):

    Peking Opera as a unique form of art was established over 230 years ago by Emperor Qianlong and has been cherished in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong ever since. The performances fell into two main categories – “wen”, or civil theater, which focused on love, marriage and other civilian concerns, and wu", or military theater, which revolved around the theme of war and was known for featuring thrilling acrobatic feats. Traditionally female are not allowed on stage, nowadays roles can be played by anyone.

    CCC Peking Opera Academy was established in March 2023.  Since then our group has performed in CCC 50th Anniversary Gala, which was reported upon by various TV stations and The Times Union. This year the first semester program is being kindly sponsored by The Art Center of the Capital Region.

    Teacher Linghui Tu is a Chinese National Tier-One Performer. She has won the 4th Plum Blossom Award and the 1st Wenhua Performance Award, the highest level award in Chinese Theatre in China. She is a professor of the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts and served as the director of the Operative Art Education Centre and Continuing Education Department. She has studied and performed Chinese opera for 50 years in various countries. Tu has also directed Chinese operas, among which two have been awarded Class-One Performance Awards. She is a teacher in the Center for Theater Arts Collaboration at Binghamton University and participated on tours and other cultural activities. She graciously accepted the invitation of the Chinese Community Center of the Capital Region and is willing to drive long distance once every week to come here over to teach.

    Students will be welcome to choose the program that fits their interests. Tuition can be paid monthly at the beginning of the month. For those who want to enjoy family package discount, tuition needs to be paid by the beginning of semester in full. For all packages though, the first 2 weeks of this semester can serve as a trial period by paying single weeks tuition at the beginning of each class.

    Payment by check only made out to_Chinese Community Center, with remark Peking Opera, no cash or credit card. There will be no more than 10 position per class.  Registration deadline is Oct 10th.

    Announcing special rate for college students: Posture and Movement class $20/week/person, for every college students including non CCC members.

    There are 2 semesters this year, accompanied by 3 performances: mid-term, Chinese New Year, end- of-the-year:

    Important dates:

    First Semester: September 23rd-December 2nd (11 weeks)

    Second Semester: January 20th-May 4th (12 weeks)

    Class open date: Saturday September 23rd

    Classes on: Saturdays

    Mid-term show: December 2nd 2023 in UAlbany Performing Art Center

    Chinese New Year Gala show: February 11th 2024 in The Egg

    End- of- the- year performance: May 4th 2024 in CCC


    Classes for teens, adults and seniors: ( 15 years and above)

    1. Vocal training: professional vocal training including breathing techniques, open up vocal cords, leaning through songs and female Peking Opera singing (Qing Yi) pieces.

    Time: Saturdays 9:00-10:40pm (100mins)

    Location: Chinese Community Center (11 Avis Dr, Latham 12110)

    Tuition: $38/week for CCC members,$48/weeks for non members.

    2. Posture & Movement training: through long sleeve costumes and fan movements training, learning elegant and gracious movements required by Peking Opera.

    Time: Saturdays 10:50–12:30pm (100mins)

    Location: Chinese Community Center (11 Avis Dr, Latham 12110)

    Tuition: $35/week for CCC members, $45 for non members (special rate for college students— $20/week/person)

    1 person 2 classes package (pick any 2 options):

    $60/week for CCC members, $68 for non members

    Classes for all ages and gender:

    Peking Opera Character training:

    Focus on 3 type of Peking Opera Characters : Lao Sheng (Gentleman), Lao Dan, (Senior female), Hua Lian (male Judges & Generals). Vocal and posture training included, all ages are welcome.

    Time: Saturdays: 3:50-5:30pm (100mins)

    Location: Chinese Community Center (11 Avis Dr, Latham 12110)

    Tuition: $35/week for CCC members, $40/week for members.

    Classes for Children and teens:(5-15 years)

    1: Peking Opera Foundation training: Similar to gymnastics and Kung fu, part of the Peking Opera performance require flexibility and strength, as well combat skills using wooden spears and sticks. Children will receive training in those aspects, as well as vocal skills for the singing part.

    Time: Saturdays 1:45-3:20pm (100mins)

    Location: Chinese Martial Art Academy ( 3 Johnson Rd, Latham, 12110)

    Tuition: $38/week for CCC members, $45/week for non members

    2: Peking Opera Wu Sheng Character training: Suitable for teens and children who already have Kungfu foundations, train for flexibility, fighting skills, No singing involved.

    Time: Saturdays 1:45-2:45pm (60mins)

    Location: Chinese Martial Art Academy ( 3 Johnson Rd, Latham, 12110)

    Tuition: $28/week for CCC members, $35 for non members.

    Family package discount:

    Vocal + Posture & Movement training:

    $60/week for CCC members, $65 for non members

    Vocal + Posture & Movement training+ (1) Peking Opera Foundation training:

    $88/week for CCC members, $95 for non members

    Vocal + Posture & Movement training + Peking Opera Wu Sheng character training:

    $80/week for CCC members, $85 for non members

    Peking Opera Character Training + (1) Peking Opera Foundation training:

    $60/week for CCC members, $65/week for non members

    Vocal + Peking Opera Character Training: $60/week for CCC members, $65/week for non members

    Peking Opera introduction: https://youtu.be/PnMRIzpO4nU?si=1ljxO_-YGGlHewh8

    Peking Opera Academy media reports: https://youtu.be/8aIrIhru1V8

    Registration linkhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAw3wevTcJ8f3f9kjvpRmrdhHhRIvZK1itTUT2ftqOrHSTUQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Join CCC membership link (open to everyone and anyone): https://cccalbany.org/join-us

    Contact us: executive.team@cccalbany.org

  • 06 Jul 2023 2:59 PM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)


    华社为了本地区消费者的利益,和众多商家商谈会员打折。现有17家商家给华社提供10% 会员折扣:


    Akanomi (Japanese)

    Samurai (Japanese)

    俏花旦 Fairy Sichuan (Spicy Chinese)

    Tomo Asian Bistro (Asian)

    Yang’s Bistro (Asian)

    悦森蛋糕 Stathams cake (cake&cupcake)

    Sushi Tei (Japanese)

    Bangkok kitchen (Asian)

    Union Seafood(all 3 location) (seafood)

    Ji Bei Chuan 季北川 (noodles)

    Zen Asian Fusion Lounge (Asian Fusion)

    Wasabi Asian Bistro (Japanese)

    Kazami (noodles)

    Hana Hibachi Steakhouse (Japanese)

    Rain Modern Chinese (Chinese/Cantonese)

    Soho Asian Bistro (Asian)


    Appliance for less  https://a4lschenectady.com/

    Max Deals  https://www.maxdealsalbany.com/about


    1. 从现在起至2023831号,不管是会员续费还是新会员入会,一律可以享受17家商家提供的10%折扣。

    2. 202361号到现在所有续费/新注册的会员也可以享受17家商家给出10%折扣优惠。

    3. 202391号开始,会费上调为家庭$60, 个人$45, 学生$305年制会员会费不变。

    3. 华社会员凭电子会员卡打折。





    Dear All

    For better serving our local community, the CCC negotiated with several businesses to provide discount for our members. Right now, there are 17 businesses providing CCC members a 10% discount on services including the following:

    Restaurants and food

    Akanomi (Japanese)

    Samurai (Japanese)

    Fairy Sichuan (Spicy Chinese)

    Tomo Asian Bistro (Asian)

    Yang’s Bistro (Asian)

    Stathams cake (cake&cupcake)

    Sushi Tei (Japanese)

    Bangkok kitchen (Asian)

    Union Seafood(all 3 location) (seafood)

    Ji Bei Chuan (noodles)

    Zen Asian Fusion Lounge (Asian Fusion)

    Wasabi Asian Bistro (Japanese)

    Kazami (noodles)

    Hana Hibachi Steakhouse (Japanese)

    Rain Modern Chinese (Chinese/Cantonese)

    Soho Asian Bistro (Asian)


    Appliance for less  https://a4lschenectady.com/

    Max Deals  https://www.maxdealsalbany.com/about

    The CCC is making changes to the membership fee starting 6/1/2023:

    1. Starting from now until 8/31/23, the membership renewal fees (including those for family, individual, and student) will be unchanged.

    2. From 6/1/2023, all members, old or new, will be able to get the 10% discount at the 17 local businesses.

    3. Starting from 9/1/23, the membership fees for renewals and new enrollments will be $60 per family, $45 per individual, $30 per student.  The 5-year membership fee will be unchanged.

    4. All members need to use the electronic membership card to get discount.

    In addition, all CCC members can enjoy a series of free activities, such as the 3 dance clubs (folk dance, square dance, and fitness dance), math club, Mahjong club, Tai Chi Fan class, CCC choir, Ping-pong club, etc. There are also some activities with fees such as Calligraphy club, Child Choir, Beijing Opera that members can enjoy discount as well. Moreover, if your kids go to Chinese school, you can get tuition discount as well.

    Please distribute this wonderful opportunity to your neighbors and friends, ask them to join CCC membership, and enjoy all the member benefits and discounts.

    The Chinese Community Center


  • 23 Dec 2022 12:13 AM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)
    欢迎注册2023年纽约华府春节晚会 Performing Art Center, UAlbany Address: 2400 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12222
    Date: 22 Jan 2023 2:30 PM EST


    各级政要如 Congressman Paul Tonko, Senator Jacob Ashby, Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy, Schenectady County Manager Rory Fluman, Colonie Town Supervisor Peter Crummy等都会到场和大家一起庆贺新年;各类媒体如Times Union, Channel 10, WMHT等也会聚焦春晚。

    本次春晚会通过Times Union, WMHT,Empire State Plaza, FON, APAPA, ICCR 等多条途径宣传注册,不接受现场售票,请大家提前注册购票,先到先得。

    地点:UAlbany Performing Art Center. 购票截止日期为1月22号中午12点.

    票价:会员$10, 小孩$5 ;   非会员$20, 小孩$15(15岁及以下为小孩,3岁以下不占座的儿童免费)。




    注册链接(Registration Link): 

    点击注册(Click here to register)

    Dear CCC Members and Friends,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your loved ones!!!

    The 2023 Year of Rabbit is upon us; and it is time for all of us to make on-line registrations to attend the wonderful 2023 Chinese New Year Gala Show. This year, the annual celebration will be held at the SUNY Performing Arts Center at 2:30 pm, January 22nd, 2023 with free parking. A friendly registration link is provided herein for your convenience.

    We are happy to report that Congressman Paul Tonko, Senator Jacob Ashby, Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy, Schenectady County Manager Rory Fluman and Colonie Town Supervisor Peter Crummy will all be on hand to celebrate this beautiful event with us. Reporters from the Times Union, Channel 10, WMHT and other medias will be descending at the Gala as well!

    As for event publicity, our event organizers have secured the collaboration of various channels, including the Times Union, WMHT, Empire State Plaza, FON, APAPA and ICCR. These outfits will be helping us to spread the words and we expect good publicity receptions.

    Please also note that there will be NO on-site registration or on-site purchase of tickets. So please be sure to register on-line using the link provided! The on-line registration deadline is 12 pm, January 22nd, 2023. However, seating is limited, and it is first come first served!

    Best Regards,

    CCC Executive Team

  • 01 Jul 2022 5:49 PM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)

  • 31 Dec 2021 11:52 AM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)







    虽有疫情阻挡,华社志愿者们在保障安全的前提下尽量保障各项社区活动有序进行。例如2020、2021两年皆参加万国节(FON - Festival of Nations)的所有三项(才艺,美食,Miss FON竞赛)节目,延续了华人社区作为这一活动的主要参与者传统。2021牛年线上春晚为70多个家庭送去了充满欢声笑语的浓浓节日气氛。还有许多其他活动在筹备之后,由于疫情反复不得不取消,例如2021年夏季烧烤大会,志愿者们实地考察了首府周边近十处公园场地并预定了其中之一,但却由于2021年8月份第二波疫情高峰来袭而取消,虽有遗憾,但并不沮丧,因为保障社区的健康安全而舍弃所付出的时间精力是值得的。 

    团结社区,同仇敌忾。针对仇恨亚裔犯罪,我们联系本地社区成员接受Times Union记者采访,参加电台节目等,让华人社区的声音通过报纸,广播等形式被更多人听到。同时邀请学者和社区成员一起交流华裔移民历史,讨论现状。在2021年3月22日Albany “Stop Asian Hate” rally的活动中,许多志愿者积极响应,制作了三百多面标语牌,带到游行现场分发,壮大了此次活动的声势。除了喊出我们的声音,也需准备必要的知识和技能保护自己,因此在Clifton Park Town Supervisor的帮助下,Saratoga County警长和他的助手们为社区举办了一期安全防护法律法规培训以及两期自我防护格斗技巧培训。

    与此同时,中文学校在校董事会、校长、PTA领导下,在所有老师和家长的积极协助下,有效应对疫情管控需求所带来的挑战,2020年三月份疫情爆发初期,第一时间将线下课程转为线上授课,尽力保障授课质量和学生的学习进度。在莫琳校长的领导下,中文学校2020-21学年在被迫改为全线上授课的情况下,依然开展了各项课程共41门,包括22个中文课班级和19个兴趣班,招收学生超过230名。各项教学任务按计划实施并于学年末顺利完成,包括成功组织了AP网考,YCT网考和笔试。学校在2020-21学年克服种种困难将以往各项活动搬到网上,成功举办了网上的讲故事比赛,网络晚会以及参加2020新年中文文化大乐园冬令营活动等。2021-22学年,中文学校与Shaker Middle School合作,恢复了线下授课,提供了总共49门课程和俱乐部活动,吸引了总共288名学生和家长回归中文学校的实体教学授课和活动。在刚刚结束的2021秋季学期,在行政团队和PTA团队的密切配合和精心组织下,中文学校成功举办了讲故事比赛和圣诞新年演出,通过学生,家长和教职员工们的积极参与,持续在纽约首府华人社区里发挥着可观的影响力。在疫情不断出现反复的当下,中文学校的教师团队,行政团队和PTA团队密切配合,合理而有效地应对着各项挑战和处理各种风险,保证实体课教学和线下活动得以顺利进行。


    2022虎年春晚定于1月30日在SUNY Albany PAC举行,正在紧张筹备中,欢迎大家关注!





    中文学校董事会主席: 王洁



  • 25 Aug 2021 9:40 PM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)

    中文学校课程开始注册!Chinese School 2021-2022 Class Registration Open Now!

    Posted Mon, 08/09/2021 - 12:26am






    课程注册截止日期:9月18日 2021

    缴纳学费截止日期:9月18日 2021

    课程第一天:9月19日 2021

    网上注册课程时, 您需要点击并同意学校设施使用的免责与风险承担合同:


    如有任何问题, 请联系principal@cccalbany.org



    Chinese School Class Registration Open Now!

    Chinese School Year 2021-2022 Course List:


    Please log into your school account to register class:


    Online Enrollment Deadline: September 18th 2021

    Tuition Payment Due Date: September 18th 2021

    First day of School :September 19th 2021

    You must check and agree" Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement For the Use of School Facilities" when you register the course  :


    Please contact principal@cccalbany.org if you have any questions.

    Thank you!

    Chinese School Administration Team

  • 21 Mar 2021 2:31 PM | CCC Albany Web Admin (Administrator)









    Ron Kim 律师发起的“制止仇恨亚裔”集会,得到了纽约首府地区各




    集会时间:3月22日下午 5:15

    集会地点:Academy Park, Corner of Eagle and Washington Ave,

    Albany NY.

    为配合这次集会,义工们将在华社(星期六11:30 – 1:00PM, 11 Avis

    Drive, Latham NY)制作标语牌,如果您愿协助我们的工作,请直




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