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Chinese Community Center of Capital District of New York

Cultural and Academic Enrichment Program

As a program under Chinese Community Center (CCC), CAEP proudly provides culture and academic related after school classes to the members and the public to help their kids get exposure to Chinese culture, advance their academic skills, and develop their creativity and leadership.

Currently, we offer following 2017 Fall classes:

  1. Basic Drawing   (Registration Open)
  2. Intermediate Drawing  (Registration open)
  3. Intermediate Chess Class (registration open)

  4. Public Speaking for Middle School (Registration Open)

CAEP 2017 Fall Course description:    CAEP course description_2017.pdf

Please click the individual link above to complete registration and payment. If you prefer offline registration, please use the form at CAEP_registration_Fall_2017.pdf

Should you have any question, please contact CAEP director at caep@cccalbany.org.

Upcoming classes

  • No upcoming classes
  • 15 Sep 2017 11:05 AM | CAEP Director (Administrator)

    Hello All,

    Welcome to CAEP 2017 Fall term. Please note that the public class is cancelled due to low enrollment. An email notification has been sent out individually if you have registered. The payment will be refunded soon.

    Drawing class & Chess class will be as scheduled.

    Wish you all a good 2017 Fall.

    CAEP Director

  • 22 Mar 2017 10:46 AM | CAEP Director (Administrator)

    Hello All,

    The spring session this Saturday with Basic drawing class. Please note, the new class schedule for SAT & Public speaking class as following:

    12:15 pm-1:45 pm Advanced SAT Preparation Course

    2:00 pm-3:30 pm Public Speaking for Middle School

    3:45 pm-5:15 pm Advanced Reading & Writing Preparation for Middle School



  • 14 Mar 2017 6:53 AM | CAEP Director (Administrator)

    Hello all,

    Today's reading & writing class is cancelled due to bad weather.There will be a make up class.


  • 21 Jan 2017 10:54 PM | CAEP Director (Administrator)

    Hello All,

    Thanks again for supporting CAEP class. As always, after the first class, you might find that the class does not fit the kids as you would like it to be. No worries. If you decided to withdraw from the class. Please email me to lei_cathy@yahoo.com, with the following information : class name, email address used for registration and the receipt.  CCC will start the refund once I confirmed your information.


    Yi Lei

  • 17 Jan 2017 5:01 PM | CAEP Director (Administrator)

    Hello all,

    Today's reading & writing is cancelled due to bad weather. I have called every registrants. There will be a make up class.


  • 23 Nov 2016 1:43 PM | CAEP Director (Administrator)

    Hello All,

    Thanks you all for the support and we had a great session for Fall 2016 session. Now the 2017 Winter session is open for registration.  Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

    Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.



  • 20 Sep 2016 9:43 PM | CAEP Director (Administrator)

    Hello All,

    Thanks for your registrations to the class.  Please be noted that the deadline for withdraws and refund is before the second class. Please make sure contact me before the second class if the kid is not happy with the class. 

    If you sent me the email/wechat regarding the withdraw, I will cancel you registration. CAEP will start the refund after the withdraw deadline so the CCC Controller can do the refund all together. I will update the post once the refund is done which is in about 2 weeks. Please contact me after that if you have any issues.

    Thanks all for your understanding and patience on this.


  • 20 Sep 2016 9:30 PM | CAEP Director (Administrator)
    Please double check that the email you used in registration is the one that you check regularly.  All the changes regarding the class cancellation, class schedule change, withdraws and refunding has been communicated through the email. If there is homework, the teacher will also send the homework to that email. All the parents has been contact through the email, if you did not get any email from your CAEP teacher, please contact caep@cccalbany.com. Thanks.

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