Career Development Seminar on November 23, Sunday from 1:30-3:30 PM

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YPC is hosting a Career Development Seminar on November 23, Sunday from 1:30-3:30 PM. Dr. Wei Cai from GE Global Research is the guest speaker, and she will be answering questions regarding career development. 


Mon, 11/10/2014 - 8:50pm

Festival of Nations Announcement

Dear Members,

Sun, 10/26/2014 - 10:43pm

CCC Seminar on Immigration (Nov. 2, Sunday)

时间:4:30-6:30 星期日11月2号 (Dinner Provided)
地点:华社 11 Avis Drive, Latham, NY 12110
演讲人:Brian Wang 资深移民律师
赞助人:Mei Hong 贷款经纪人
• 非移民签证:学生签证,访问学者签证,工作签证,亲属签证
• 移民签证(绿卡申请):杰出人才,工作移民,投资移民
• 美国公民申请,亲属移民


Wed, 10/15/2014 - 8:40pm

The C.A.E.P. Fall Semester Program

Dear Parents and Students,
The summer semester has ended on a festive note.  Many of us went on a field trip to Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA, viewing ancient Chinese Bronzes and Impressionist Masterpieces. 
The fall program is finalized, and the first class starts on week of Sept 22.  The highlights are:
1.     By popular demand, we decide to continue the SAT English prep course.  This is an 8-week intensive program focusing on the writing portion of the SAT Exam.

CCC Seminar on Oct. 12 家庭教育与亲子交往





地点:Chinese Community Center of the Capital District of New York 11 Avis Drive, Latham, NY 12110 


内容简介:为人父母,最关心的莫过于孩子的教育。日常生活中孩子的各种问题常常让人头疼,比如孩子小的时侯爱哭闹、耍脾气、对人没礼貌,大些时候对学习没兴趣,缺乏自信,上课不敢举手、不敢尝试有挑战的事情,不会交朋友,或经常被人欺负,在家里,兄弟姐妹之间吵闹不断等等。社会上关于儿童教育的各种话题也让人眼花缭乱,比如上名校就是成功教育的标志吗?人家培养出了名校生,但他们的方法适用于我家的孩子吗?虎妈或推妈的方法值得提倡吗? 儿童教育应当从严还是从宽?“不让孩子输在起跑线上”对孩子的成长好吗?作为父母,我们能给孩子的最好的东西是什么?是最好的奶粉、最贵的玩具、最好的幼儿园、最好的学校以及各种技能的训练吗?

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 10:10pm

CCC Seminar on Sept. 28th - Speech Improvement

CCC Seminar on Speech Improvement 英语口语矫正
 Time:  5pm, Sept. 28th (Sunday)
 Location: CCC building (11 Avis Dr, Lathem, NY 12110)
Speaker: Laurie Aurelia (Speech-language pathologist)
Cost: Free and open to public

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 6:36pm

The CCC Free Flu Clinic

The CCC Free Flu Clinic 

Flu vaccines provided free of charge!


Time: 9:30 AM to 3:30PM

Date: Sunday, September 28, 2014

Location: CCC Chinese School

            At Shaker Junior HS (Directions on Back)
Rigistration link:

Friends and families of the Chinese community and the CCC Chinese School are welcome! 

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 10:39pm to Sun, 09/28/2014 - 10:39pm